The recent economic climate has led many people in New Jersey to suffer incredible losses financially.  With unemployment rates at record highs and surmounting debts, many have no choice but to file for bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy has become commonplace for many hardworking individuals and families simply because they can no longer afford debts that they may have been able to afford a few short years ago.

Our attorneys are very experienced at helping people file for bankruptcy and at navigating them through the filing process.  Our bankruptcy lawyers will sit down with you and evaluate your financials to determine if bankruptcy is appropriate in your circumstances.  The timing of filing for bankruptcy is very important.  We understand the stress of the circumstances and approach all bankruptcy cases with professionalism and compassion.  Our attorneys have experience filing Chapter 7 bankruptcies electronically, fully evaluating your case, representing you before the U.S. Trustee, appearing with you for the meeting of creditors and walking you through all aspects of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In the event that bankruptcy is not appropriate in your circumstances, you may wish to pursue other avenues, such as attempting to negotiate your debts.  In addition to bankruptcy, our bankruptcy attorneys are experienced with negotiating debts with creditors, including negotiating with credit card companies.

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